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The Prognostic Impact of a Positive Vascular Margin in pT3 Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinomas.
Nick W NW. Liu, James D JD. Wren, Emily E. Vertosick, Justin K JK. Lee, Nicholas E NE. Power, Nicole
Source: The Journal of urology

Bladder mass in newborn: case report and review of literature.
Salvatore S. Arena, Valeria V. Barresi, Alessandro A. Manganaro, Salvo S. Vincenzo, Patrizia P. Perr
Source: Urology

Identification of Spermatogenically Active Regions in Rat Testes by Using Narrow Band Imaging System.
Noritoshi N. Enatsu, Hideaki H. Miyake, Koji K. Chiba, Masato M. Fujisawa
Source: Urology

Post-Traumatic High Flow Priapism: Multidetector Computed Tomography Demonstration.
Xian-Zheng XZ. Tan, Yu Y. Liu, Yi-Qing YQ. Guo, Jian-Bin JB. Liu
Source: Urology

Effect of Shift Work on Nocturia.
Jin Wook JW. Kim
Source: Urology

New Chronic Kidney Disease and Overall Survival after Nephrectomy for Small Renal Cortical Tumors.
Joseph W JW. Mashni, Melissa M. Assel, Alexandra A. Maschino, Mary M. Russo, Brendan B. Masi, Melani
Source: Urology

Factors Influencing Selection of Active Surveillance for Localized Prostate Cancer.
Jianyu J. Liu, Paul R PR. Womble, Selin S. Merdan, David C DC. Miller, James E JE. Montie, Brian T B
Source: Urology

External Validation of Bladder Cancer Predictive Nomograms for Recurrence, Cancer-Free Survival, and Overall Survival Following Radical Cystectomy.
Michael M. Brooks, Guilherme G. Godoy, Maxine M. Sun, Shahrokh F SF. Shariat, Gilad E GE. Amiel, Set
Source: The Journal of urology

Understanding the Relationship Between Chronic Systemic Disease and Lichen Sclerosus Urethral Strictures.
Bradley A BA. Erickson, Sean P SP. Elliott, Jeremy B JB. Myers, Bryan B BB. Voelzke, Thomas G TG. Sm
Source: The Journal of urology

Trends in Mesh Use for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Repair from the Medicare Database.
Lily C LC. Wang, Bashir Al Hussein Al BA. Awamlh, Jim C JC. Hu, Melissa A MA. Laudano, Wesley L WL.
Source: Urology