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Recurrent fusion transcripts detected by whole-transcriptome sequencing of 120 primary breast cancer samples.
Jisun J. Kim, Sehwan S. Kim, Seyoon S. Ko, Yong-Ho YH. In, Hyeong-Gon HG. Moon, Soo Kyung SK. Ahn, M
Source: Genes, chromosomes & cancer

Conditioned medium from the stem cells of human dental pulp improves cognitive function in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
Tsuneyuki T. Mita, Yoko Y. Furukawa-Hibi, Hideyuki H. Takeuchi, Hisashi H. Hattori, Kiyofumi K. Yama
Source: Behavioural brain research

Oral Ribavirin for the Treatment of Noninfluenza Respiratory Viral Infections: A Systematic Review.
Alan E AE. Gross, Michelle L ML. Bryson
Source: The Annals of pharmacotherapy

Discovery of novel nonpeptide allosteric inhibitors interrupting the interaction of CDK2/cyclin A3 by virtual screening and bioassays.
Yutong Y. Hu, Shuai S. Li, Fang F. Liu, Lv L. Geng, Xiaohong X. Shu, Jian J. Zhang
Source: Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters

ALDH2*2 Allele is a Negative Risk Factor for Cerebral Infarction in Chinese Women.
Qiao-Yan QY. Li, Ning-Min NM. Zhao, Jian-Jun JJ. Ma, Hong-Fei HF. Duan, Yong-Cheng YC. Ma, Wei W. Zh
Source: Biochemical genetics

Synergistic effects of ceftriaxone and erythropoietin on neuronal and behavioral deficits in an MPTP-induced animal model of Parkinson's disease dementia.
Chiu-Ku CK. Huang, Yen-Ting YT. Chang, Tamara G TG. Amstislavskaya, Maria A MA. Tikhonova, Chih-Li C
Source: Behavioural brain research

Chondroitin sulfate-based nanocarriers for drug/gene delivery.
Lili L. Zhao, Mengrui M. Liu, Juan J. Wang, Guangxi G. Zhai
Source: Carbohydrate polymers

Encapsulation of honokiol into self-assembled pectin nanoparticles for drug delivery to HepG2 cells.
Yuxia Y. Zhang, Tong T. Chen, Pei P. Yuan, Rui R. Tian, Wenjing W. Hu, Yalan Y. Tang, Yuntao Y. Jia,
Source: Carbohydrate polymers

Hint1 knockout results in a compromised activation of protein kinase C gamma in the brain.
Fan F. Zhang, Zhenfei Z. Fang, Jia Bei JB. Wang
Source: Brain research

Randomized Trial of Rapid Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction-Based Blood Culture Identification and Susceptibility Testing.
Ritu R. Banerjee, Christine B CB. Teng, Scott A SA. Cunningham, Sherry M SM. Ihde, James M JM. Steck
Source: Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America