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Genetically Modified Live Attenuated Leishmania donovani Parasites Induce Innate Immunity through Classical Activation of Macrophages That Direct the Th1 Response in Mice.
Parna P. Bhattacharya, Ranadhir R. Dey, Pradeep K PK. Dagur, Michael M. Kruhlak, Nevien N. Ismail, A
Source: Infection and immunity

Development of Prototype Filovirus Recombinant Antigen Immunoassays.
Matt L ML. Boisen, Darin D. Oottamasathien, Abigail B AB. Jones, Molly M MM. Millett, Diana S DS. Ne
Source: The Journal of infectious diseases

Experimental Respiratory Infection of Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) With Ebola Virus Kikwit.
Sophie J SJ. Smither, Michelle M. Nelson, Lin L. Eastaugh, Alejandro A. Nunez, Francisco J FJ. Salgu
Source: The Journal of infectious diseases

Influence of saline solution on hydration behavior of ß-dicalcium silicate in comparison with biphasic calcium phosphate/hydroxyapatite bio-ceramics.
M M MM. Radwan, H K HK. Abd El-Hamid, A F AF. Mohamed
Source: Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications

Temperature-Sensitive Salmonella enterica Serovar Enteritidis PT13a Expressing Essential Proteins of Psychrophilic Bacteria.
Barry N BN. Duplantis, Stephanie M SM. Puckett, Everett L EL. Rosey, Keith A KA. Ameiss, Angela D AD
Source: Applied and environmental microbiology

Co-immunization with tandem repeat heterologous M2 extracellular proteins overcomes strain-specific protection of split vaccine against influenza A virus.
Yu-Na YN. Lee, Min-Chul MC. Kim, Young-Tae YT. Lee, Yu-Jin YJ. Kim, Jongsang J. Lee, Cheol C. Kim, S
Source: Antiviral research

Temporal Characterization of Marburg Virus Angola Infection following Aerosol Challenge in Rhesus Macaques.
Kenny L KL. Lin, Nancy A NA. Twenhafel, John H JH. Connor, Kathleen A KA. Cashman, Joshua D JD. Sham
Source: Journal of virology

Vaccination with a Live Attenuated Cytomegalovirus Devoid of a Protein Kinase R Inhibitory Gene Results in Reduced Maternal Viremia and Improved Pregnancy Outcome in a Guinea Pig Congenital Infection Model.
Mark R MR. Schleiss, Craig J CJ. Bierle, Elizabeth C EC. Swanson, Michael A MA. McVoy, Jian Ben JB.
Source: Journal of virology

Efficacy of the Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2) Glycoprotein D/AS04 Vaccine against Genital HSV-2 and HSV-1 Infection and Disease in the Cotton Rat Sigmodon hispidus Model.
Marina M. Boukhvalova, Jamall J. McKay, Aissatou A. Mbaye, Hannah H. Sanford-Crane, Jorge C G JC. Bl
Source: Journal of virology

Effects of aging on human leukocytes (part II): immunophenotyping of adaptive immune B and T cell subsets.
Ulrik U. Stervbo, Cecilia C. Bozzetti, Udo U. Baron, Karsten K. Jürchott, Sarah S. Meier, Julia Nora
Source: Age (Dordrecht, Netherlands)

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