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Double-stranded RNA evokes exacerbation in a mouse model of corticosteroid refractory asthma.
Jorge J. De Alba, Raquel R. Otal, Elena E. Calama, Anna A. Domenech, Neus N. Prats, Neil N. Gozzard,
Source: Clinical science (London, England : 1979)

Circulating miR-33a and miR-33b are up-regulated in familial hypercholesterolaemia in paediatric age.
Francesco F. Martino, Fabrizio F. Carlomosti, Daniele D. Avitabile, Luca L. Persico, Mario M. Picozz
Source: Clinical science (London, England : 1979)

PARP is activated in human asthma and its inhibition by olaparib blocks house dust mite-induced disease in mice.
Mohamed A MA. Ghonim, Kusma K. Pyakurel, Salome V SV. Ibba, Jeffrey J. Wang, Paulo P. Rodriguez, Ami
Source: Clinical science (London, England : 1979)

EPHECT III: Health risk assessment of exposure to household consumer products.
M M. Trantallidi, C C. Dimitroulopoulou, P P. Wolkoff, S S. Kephalopoulos, P P. Carrer
Source: The Science of the total environment

Air pollution and cardiovascular and respiratory emergency visits in Central Arkansas: A time-series analysis.
Sophia S. Rodopoulou, Evangelia E. Samoli, Marie-Cecile G MC. Chalbot, Ilias G IG. Kavouras
Source: The Science of the total environment

Predilection sites for Toxoplasma gondii in sheep tissues revealed by magnetic capture and real-time PCR detection.
Jana J. Juránková, Walter W. Basso, Helena H. Neumayerová, Anita A. Frencová, Vojtech V. Baláž, Pete
Source: Food microbiology

Mother-infant dyadic reparation and individual differences in vagal tone affect 4-month-old infants' social stress regulation.
Livio L. Provenzi, Erica E. Casini, Paola P. de Simone, Gianluigi G. Reni, Renato R. Borgatti, Rosar
Source: Journal of experimental child psychology

Analysis of residents' willingness to pay to reduce air pollution to improve children's health in community and hospital settings in Shanghai, China.
Keran K. Wang, Jinyi J. Wu, Rui R. Wang, Yingying Y. Yang, Renjie R. Chen, Jay E JE. Maddock, Yuanan
Source: The Science of the total environment

A rapid MZI-IDA sensor system for EGFR mutation testing in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
Qing Q. Liu, Swee S. Yin Lim, Ross A RA. Soo, Mi M. Kyoung Park, Yong Y. Shin
Source: Biosensors & bioelectronics

Comprehensive detection of diverse exon 19 deletion mutations of EGFR in lung Cancer by a single probe set.
Jin Ho JH. Bae, Seong-Min SM. Jo, Hak-Sung HS. Kim
Source: Biosensors & bioelectronics