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Dense genotyping of immune-related loci in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies confirms HLA alleles as the strongest genetic risk factor and suggests different genetic background for major clinical subgroups.
Simon S. Rothwell, Robert G RG. Cooper, Ingrid E IE. Lundberg, Frederick W FW. Miller, Peter K PK. G
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases

Efficient therapy of ischaemic lesions with VEGF121-fibrin in an animal model of systemic sclerosis.
Shadab S. Allipour Birgani, Marion M. Mailänder, Ines I. Wasle, Hermann H. Dietrich, Johann J. Grube
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases

Decreased expression of neuropilin-1 as a novel key factor contributing to peripheral microvasculopathy and defective angiogenesis in systemic sclerosis.
Eloisa E. Romano, Inês I. Chora, Mirko M. Manetti, Celestina C. Mazzotta, Irene I. Rosa, Silvia S. B
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases

Impact of baseline anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide-2 antibody concentration on efficacy outcomes following treatment with subcutaneous abatacept or adalimumab: 2-year results from the AMPLE trial.
Jeremy J. Sokolove, Michael M. Schiff, Roy R. Fleischmann, Michael E ME. Weinblatt, Sean E SE. Conno
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases

Tofacitinib regulates synovial inflammation in psoriatic arthritis, inhibiting STAT activation and induction of negative feedback inhibitors.
W W. Gao, T T. McGarry, C C. Orr, J J. McCormick, D J DJ. Veale, U U. Fearon
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases

Fish oil in knee osteoarthritis: a randomised clinical trial of low dose versus high dose.
Catherine L CL. Hill, Lynette M LM. March, Dawn D. Aitken, Susan E SE. Lester, Ruth R. Battersby, Kr
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases

Antibodies against carbamylated proteins are present in primary Sjögren's syndrome and are associated with disease severity.
Brith B. Bergum, Catalin C. Koro, Nicolas N. Delaleu, Magne M. Solheim, Annelie A. Hellvard, Veronik
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases

MicroRNA markers of inflammation and remodelling in temporal arteries from patients with giant cell arteritis.
Stefania S. Croci, Alessandro A. Zerbini, Luigi L. Boiardi, Francesco F. Muratore, Alessandra A. Bis
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases

Efficacy and safety of subcutaneous tabalumab in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: results from ILLUMINATE-1, a 52-week, phase III, multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.
D A DA. Isenberg, M M. Petri, K K. Kalunian, Y Y. Tanaka, M B MB. Urowitz, R W RW. Hoffman, M M. Mor
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases

Influence of TYK2 in systemic sclerosis susceptibility: a new locus in the IL-12 pathway.
Elena E. López-Isac, Diana D. Campillo-Davo, Lara L. Bossini-Castillo, Sandra G SG. Guerra, Shervin
Source: Annals of the rheumatic diseases

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