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Pro-arrhythmic action of autoantibodies against the second extracellular loop of ß1-adrenoceptor and its underlying molecular mechanisms.
Lin L. Zuo, Yunhui Y. Du, Jihua J. Ma, Ke K. Wang, Yuhui Y. Zhao, Feng F. Bai, Bowei B. Wu, Xinliang
Source: International journal of cardiology

Left ventricular vs. biventricular mechanical support: Decision making and strategies for avoidance of right heart failure after left ventricular assist device implantation.
Michael M. Dandel, Thomas T. Krabatsch, Volkmar V. Falk
Source: International journal of cardiology

ATF3-dependent cross-talk between cardiomyocytes and macrophages promotes cardiac maladaptive remodeling.
L L. Koren, D D. Alishekevitz, O O. Elhanani, A A. Nevelsky, T T. Hai, I I. Kehat, Y Y. Shaked, A A.
Source: International journal of cardiology

Application and outcomes of a hybrid approach to chronic total occlusion percutaneous coronary intervention in a contemporary multicenter US registry.
Georgios G. Christopoulos, Dimitri D. Karmpaliotis, Khaldoon K. Alaswad, Robert W RW. Yeh, Farouc A
Source: International journal of cardiology

Consistencies of 3D TTE global longitudinal strain of both ventricles between assessors were worse for 2D, but better for 3D ventricular EF.
Koya K. Ozawa, Nobusada N. Funabashi, Hiroyuki H. Takaoka, Tomoko T. Kamata, Fumio F. Nomura, Yoshio
Source: International journal of cardiology

Do socioeconomic factors modify the association between preoperative antidepressant use and survival following coronary artery bypass surgery?
Malin M. Stenman, Martin J MJ. Holzmann, Ulrik U. Sartipy
Source: International journal of cardiology

Selective propensity of bovine jugular vein material to bacterial adhesions: An in-vitro study.
Zakaria Z. Jalal, Louise L. Galmiche, David D. Lebeaux, Olivier O. Villemain, Georgia G. Brugada, Me
Source: International journal of cardiology

Resting 12-lead electrocardiogram reveals high-risk sources of cardioembolism in young adult ischemic stroke.
Jani J. Pirinen, Jukka J. Putaala, Aapo L AL. Aro, Ida I. Surakka, Anita A. Haapaniemi, Markku M. Ka
Source: International journal of cardiology

Fucoidan protects mesenchymal stem cells against oxidative stress and enhances vascular regeneration in a murine hindlimb ischemia model.
Yong-Seok YS. Han, Jun Hee JH. Lee, Jin Sup JS. Jung, Hyunjin H. Noh, Moo Jun MJ. Baek, Jung Min JM.
Source: International journal of cardiology

The haemodynamic effects of collateral donation to a chronic total occlusion: Implications for patient management.
Andrew A. Ladwiniec, Angela A. Hoye
Source: International journal of cardiology

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