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Insulin Sensitivity and ß-Cell Function Improve after Gastric Bypass in Severely Obese Adolescents.
Thomas H TH. Inge, Ronald L RL. Prigeon, Deborah A DA. Elder, Todd M TM. Jenkins, Robert M RM. Cohen
Source: The Journal of pediatrics

Autologous Infant and Allogeneic Adult Red Cells Demonstrate Similar Concurrent Post-Transfusion Survival in Very Low Birth Weight Neonates.
John A JA. Widness, Denison J DJ. Kuruvilla, Donald M DM. Mock, Nell I NI. Matthews, Demet D. Nalban
Source: The Journal of pediatrics

Risk Factors for Attention and Behavioral Issues in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease.
Eboni I EI. Lance, Anne M AM. Comi, Michael V MV. Johnston, James F JF. Casella, Bruce K BK. Shapiro
Source: Clinical pediatrics

The Prevalence of Food Allergies in Children Referred to a Multidisciplinary Feeding Program.
Karla Au KA. Yeung, Tessa T. Taylor, Ann A. Scheimann, Ryan R. Carvalho, Elsie E. Reinhardt, Peter P
Source: Clinical pediatrics

Power of Knowledge: Effect of Two Educational Interventions on Readiness for Chlamydia Screening.
Rachel S RS. Sagor, Jeremy J. Golding, Margaret M MM. Giorgio, Diane R DR. Blake
Source: Clinical pediatrics

Trends in Oral Antibiotic, Proton Pump Inhibitor, and Histamine 2 Receptor Blocker Prescription Patterns for Children Compared With Adults: Implications for Clostridium difficile Infection in the Community.
Howard S HS. Faden, Chan-Xing CX. Ma
Source: Clinical pediatrics

Disorders in Children With Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection.
Sophie S. Bernard, Sylvette S. Wiener-Vacher, Thierry T. Van Den Abbeele, Natacha N. Teissier
Source: Pediatrics

Early Career Experiences of Pediatricians Pursuing or Not Pursuing Fellowship Training.
Bobbi J BJ. Byrne, Shesha K SK. Katakam, Mary Pat MP. Frintner, William L WL. Cull
Source: Pediatrics

Alcohol Interventions Among Underage Drinkers in the ED: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Rebecca M RM. Cunningham, Stephen T ST. Chermack, Peter F PF. Ehrlich, Patrick M PM. Carter, Brenda
Source: Pediatrics

Respiratory Bronchiolitis-Associated Interstitial Lung Disease in Childhood: New Sequela of Smoking.
Tugba T. Sismanlar, Ayse Tana AT. Aslan, Haluk H. Turktas, Leyla L. Memis, Matthias M. Griese
Source: Pediatrics