Oppositional and Aggressive Behaviour in Children and Youth

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Background on Oppositional and Aggressive Behaviour

A patient with atopic dermatitis Oppositional and aggressive behaviours are common in school-age children, while adolescents may also test limits, argue with adults, and break rules.
Such behaviours are usually developmentally appropriate, but when they are severe and persistent, they may represent psychopathologies, such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder, which are often comorbid with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Children and adolescents with severe disruptive and aggressive behaviour can pose safety risks, disturb family functioning, and experience considerable impairment in their emotional, social, and academic development.
Therefore, it is critical that they and their families receive comprehensive assessment, evidence-based treatment, and continued support and monitoring.
Program Planning Committee
Tamara Pringsheim, MD FRCPC Neurology
Brendan Andrade, PhD, C.Psych.
Roxanne Goldade, MD FRCPC Paediatrics
Daphne Handanos, MD, CCFP
Roger Thomas, MD, CCFP
Laurie Ross, MD, CCFP
1 MOC Section 3 Credit
Program available online until: October 06, 2017
A mother trying to talk to her misbehaving child.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Describe a biopsychosocial model for understanding disruptive/aggressive behaviours in youth.
  • Explain a conceptual approach to formulation and care planning for psychosocial interventions.
  • Review the evidence base for the pharmacological management of disruptive/aggressive behaviour in youth with ADHD, ODD or CD.
  • Explain how to appropriately monitor antipsychotic drug safety in this age group.

Featuring Videos on the Following Topics:

  • Child Group Psychosocial Therapy, demonstrating a child group treatment session.
  • Parent Group Psychosocial Therapy, demonstrating a group parent training for parents of children with disruptive and aggresive behaviour.
  • The Extrapyramidal Symptom Rating Scale, demonstrating how to perform the Extrapyramidal Symptom Rating Scale, a validated screening examination for extrapyramidal symptoms.
Video of a child therapy session

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